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Introducing Bada Virtual Counselling

About our Virtual Edu Advisor “FREE and 24 Hours counselling within 24 Hours”

  • Trustworthy Bada Global Edu Advisor


Bada Global has a 21-year history and is the official agent of Australian, New Zealand, and Korean universities. Our company consists of a professional team and has 36 branches around the world.


  • Convenient Consulting Services, Saving Time


No matter which country you are in, you can choose the appropriate Edu Advisor for you online so that you can conveniently consult about studying in Australia, New Zealand, or Korea.


  • Choice of Language


Based on your language preference, you can conveniently choose the Edu Advisor that fits your needs.


  • Accurate information / Guidance / Solution


Based on information about the school, course, scholarships, and so on, you can map out plans with our Edu Advisor.


* Exception (based on university restriction regulations, the Edu Advisor may be changed)

How to contact and how to manage my booking

  1. Choose the Edu Advisor

  2. Click ‘Book Edu Advisor Now’ and choose the time

  3. You and Edu Advisor will receive a confirmation email

  4. Edu Advisor will contact you within 24 hours

  5. Check your appointment or reschedule at any time at https://www.thebadaedu.com/account/my-bookings

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